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Generate effects for your game or graphics projects!

Sometimes it is tedious work to create effects that you want for your game or graphics that make your creation more lively. Particle Designer is that quick, easy, and free way to do it.


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Test Particle effects and easily incorporate them into your game


Generate animated, alpha-channel, and even coded particle effects


Seemless effect looping using the timeline feature!

What is the Particle Designer project?

The particle designer project was first introduced back in 2006 when there were few or no applications to designing and testing particle effects for the Game Maker platform. What started as an experiment became a solution that many people have enjoyed to make developing effects easier. Although the program has come a long way since its beginning, there are still vast improvements to be made that would make generating effects so much easier and creative. The third version of this software is set out to become much more than using and testing particle systems, but use them to create effects that will look great in the game.

Where Particle Designer 1 and 2 were aimed to accompany Game Maker, a new version would focus on the generation of the effect as a graphic for any platform. For this to work properly, seemless transitions of the animations would be useful to make professional looking effects without the use of actual particles for certain situations. Another export option would be through code, which allows more control over the effect over time (timeline). By using a number of particles in sequences and durations, effects become more entertaining to the viewer.

Be sure to support this project if you would like to see these new features! Feel free to particpate in the poll or give feedback in the GMC topic on your take of this project:
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