What we do

Engineering tools to assist game and app development of which speed up the coding and design process, freeing up more time to spend in the creation of the experience rather than a lot of technical details. This can be done through code generation, programming frameworks, design tools, and overall smart software.

The goal is to make the most collaborative and intuitive systems and create community. Software and games should be enjoyable, but also helpful and useful. Nobody wants to use something that simply makes the project to complex or difficult. With the collaborative efforts of different skillsets and passions, we can create the next big thing together!

The Philosophy

Solutions need to be more convenient than the original problem,  but what is to stop us from making it a great experience? Software should make sense in all aspects  to create that experience that is not only fun to use, but also creates powerful functionality.

So, What's going on Now?

Be sure to chime in on social media and have a conversation about what you'd like to see!

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